Peter Thomson wins Shannonville Stages Rally

Yesterday marked the running of the 2010 edition of the Shannonville Stages Rally at Shannonville Motorsport Park, just east on Belleville, Ontario. This is a completely flat road course that is tight and twisty with a long straight at the north end which doubles as a drag strip. I have to say that it is one of my least favorite tracks!

This round of the Ontario Performance Rally Cup proved to be uneventful other than the fact that many teams underestimated the demands of a race track on regular rally brakes. It may seem hard to believe, but many rally cars run stock brakes as the braking effort on gravel and snow isn’t all that taxing. The funny thing is that when we ran the same event in 1994, many of the larger cars had the same issue then. 16 years later and guys still haven’t learned!

2005 Canadian Rally Champion, Peter Thomson with Frank Sprongl co-driving, won the event overall in a Mitsubishi Evo VIII. Second place went to Glen Clarke and Ray Felice in their Porsche 911 which ran out of brakes with 5 laps left. There was actually a battle for 3rd place, which was won by Nicola & Massimo Narini in their Subaru.

Regular readers will recognize the 4th place finisher. Chris Martin and Phil Narini and their Subaru have appeared in our pages a number of times.

After the break, we’ve got some exclusive shots of the event courtesy of Dean Campbell and
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Targa Newfoundland Leg 3 Results


The 2009 edition of Targa Newfoundland is well under way and while the on route action must be fast and furious, the results and stories are a bit slower to appear. I’m going to assume the lack of hi speed internet in many parts of The Rock slow the transfer of information somewhat.

At the end of yesterday’s stage, the overall and Classic division lead was held by Glen Clarke and Andy Proudfoot in a Porsche 911. Sitting atop the Modern category is Rally legend Steven Millen and R & T scribe Mike Monticello who are in 6th place overall in the Nissan GT-R. Canadian rally stud Frank Sprongl leads the Open class in the monster Uber Quattro and sit in 9th overall.

Follow the link below to view the full results and you’ll notice that sometimes it isn’t all about brute force. Sometimes being on time counts more than all out speed. Even still, you can be sure that guys like Millen and Sprongl are going to put on a hell of a show for the fans!

Targa results leg 3

This cool shot of Millen & Monticello is courtesy of Warwick Patterson. We’ll have more of Warwick’s shots soon when he can get connected to some hi speed.

Frank Sprongl makes the world a smokier place with the Uber Quattro

Unfortunately, not many of today’s rally enthusiasts have been exposed to the awesomeness that is an early Eighties Group B type Audi Quattro. Certainly not a common sight in Newfoundland!

Fortunately for us at home and even more so for spectators on The Rock, Frank Sprongl brought his old monster out of the barn for this year’s Targa Newfoundland. Not content to shock onlookers with glowing brake discs and bursts of flame from the exhaust, the many time Canadian Rally Champion finished up the event by turning a poor, unsuspecting, autocross into a most delightful display of tire melting hoonage.

Crank up the speakers and put on the virtual ventilation device!

As usual, our incredible Targa content is courtesy of the folks at Flat Over Crest