Grand-Am Racing a Welcome Change for Straying NASCAR fans

The Grand-Am Sports Car Series has become a popular diversion for disgruntled NASCAR fans. Tired of uneventful races, there has been no shortage of complaints from wary NASCAR fans. Judging by the crowds, the Grand Am Series is gaining momentum, reaching out to the NASCAR audience. Producing some of the tightest racing and a wide variety of winners, it’s no wonder many fans are making the switch to Grand Am racing. In short, the Grand Am has been a hit with its participants, while providing truly enjoyable entertainment for its audience and, like NASCAR; Grand Am racing is gender neutral which makes it a natural fit for the entire family.

NASCAR has been the target of criticism on various topics from various sources. Some critics note the significant differences between today’s NASCAR vehicles and true “stock” cars. Others frequently cite the dominance of a particular team/driver. Recently, the increased number of caution flags for debris has been hotly debated.
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