Barley Missed


Maybe you can live without barley soup in favor of doing your part for the environment by supporting ethanol use. But beer? Well that’s a different story.

Many farmers in the Pacific Northwest, where our nations hop production is concentrated, have turned to more profitable lines, especially corn, which can be made into ethanol. The decrease in hop production, put at some 50 percent over the past decade, has sent hop prices through the roof, according to The Economist.
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Keeping Pace


The Indianapolis 500 has lost most of its storied luster, but some excitement is still generated by marketeers eager to align with the historic value of the event.

On Memorial Day weekend in 2008, General Motors is taking their ethanol promotional campaign to the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. For the tenth time, a Chevrolet Corvette will be leading the open wheel field around the track for the Indy 500.
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