PSA: make all the drivers in your family watch this

Normally we post the fun side of cars here in The Garage but as has been said, with the light comes the dark. The Premier of Victoria in Australia has released the following video compilation as a reminder for people to drive safe during the holidays. It is not a pleasant video and they are airing in just once. Fortunately, they have shared it with the world via Youtube so we can scare some sense into as many drivers as possible around the world. I urge you to share this with as many folks as you can.

Spring Thaw Classic Car Adventure

There are few activities a gearhead loves more than that first spring drive in his classic car. Add in some spectacular scenery and you might just have one of the best days of the year. That is exactly what inspired Dave Hord and Warwick Patterson to host the first annual Spring Thaw Classic Car Adventure.

Unlike some of the other popular driving adventures, the Spring Thaw is a driving adventure, not a rally. Beginning in Squamish, BC, the route will take on some of Canada’s most incredible driving roads. Couple the twisties, scenery and great food along the way and you have the makings of a magical journey.

The Adventure will happen May 1-3, 2009. To get all the details, visit the Spring Thaw web site and register to receive e-mail updates. You never know, you might even see us there!

Now we just need to find a classic car in BC that someone will let us borrow!