The best seats in the house: a few words about driver comfort


They say that a rib injury never fully heals. A few years ago, I had a pretty unhealthy bout of pneumonia and during that time I coughed so much that I hurt my ribs on the left side. To this day, sometimes I’ll move just the right wrong way that causes me to double over in pain. It’s like someone is sticking a knife through my rib cage. This little bit of nastiness came to light during my recent visit to Pocono Raceway and made me think about the importance of driving position and proper support. In more than a few cars I tested, the side loads the car generated far exceeded the level of support offered by the seats and I found myself using the steering wheel to keep from flying across the car. The result was a searing pain in my left side as I begged the corner to end. It really was that bad.
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