Canadian Sport Compact Series draws to a close

Cody Loughead hitting his stride on the final lap of the Drift event at CSCS 2010 Season Grand Finale

For those of you who have been reading about Drifting on the pro level in Canada you need to see what the amateur level has waiting in the wings.

Drifting, as Gary has explained in his articles, is a mix of racing and judging and therefore is becomes somewhat subjective. The good thing is that the crowd does have a lot of influence on how the judges score. If the result is too close to call you will very often see the judges throw the cars back in the ring for another set of runs if the crowd begins the chant “One More Time!”
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Mosport DDT hosts Drift Mania

The Garage took in a different type of motorsports last weekend: Drifting. As the popularity of drifting has grown around the world, here in North America it has been a bit slower to catch on, at least among traditional racers. The problem seems to be that they don’t consider it to be real racing. Well, they are right, it isn’t racing. That is not to say that there isn’t a whole lot of cross over between the two sports.

Drift cars are pretty much race cars with funky alignment settings. All the safety bits we’ve come to expect on a race car are there on a drift car. Racers have been working to control the perfect drift angle since they started racing. Drifters look for the perfect drift angle too, it is just a little further out there.
Racing isn’t cheap and neither is drifting. In fact, keeping a drift car in top shape might even be more expensive than maintaining most race cars.
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Drift Mania comes to Mosport

Drifting is to motorsports like figure skating is to the winter Olympics. It takes a heck of a lot of training, talent and ability yet the scores come from judges, not from the clock. For that reason, drifting has been frowned upon by many an old race fan who doesn’t see it as racing.

Sort of like when snowboarding came on the scene in the Eighties and many ski hills refused to allow boarders to ride at their facility. Eventually, the masses came to see that the two sports could exist alongside each other and the popularity of snowboarding exploded.

It is interesting then that today’s media drive event leading up to Sunday’s Drift Mania Canadian Championship round at Mosport should be conducted by one the of sports elder statesman. Far from being an elder, Claude Poirier is older than most drifters. In fact, Poirier was likely racing cars years before many of his competitors were even thought of. The DMCC driver has driven Formula Ford, Formula 2000, Players Challenge, Firehawk Series and even ice raced and yet his chosen form of motorsport these days is drifting. Why? Pretty simple really: FUN. Drift is the only form of motorsport where fun and passion reign over outright speed.
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