2007 Land Rover Defender released


Years ago, a friend and I spent an entire afternoon in The Garage of his Muskoka cottage. We were like little kids, sitting in the cab of his dad’s ’59 Land Rover pick up truck. Fueled by Cohibas and a soon empty pail of Famous Grouse, we pretended to be on safari. In reality, the cool old truck hadn’t turned a wheel in 2 decades. Now it’s been over 3.

The new 2007 Defender has definately been designed with that spirit in mind. The only real exterior difference is the addition of the muscular hood bulge, that fits over a new 2.4 liter diesel that puts out 120 hp and 265 ft-lbs of rock crawling grunt. That grunt is improved by the use of a new 6 speed gear box, with a lower first gear and a taller 6th. Talk about the best of both worlds, off road capability with improved fuel mileage.

The interior has been upgraded with interior bits scooped from the LR3 parts bin, better sound and 3rd row seats in the long wheel base version.

Now if they would only bring it back to Canada.

Press release and some great pics after the break

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