Craigslist find of the day: Ken Block’s wheels!

Ever wanted a true piece of motorsport memorabilia? How about a set of mildly used wheels from Ken Block’s WRC spec Fiesta? They would make a perfect…ummm…something. Lopsided coffee table perhaps?

Here is the seller’s description:

FOR SALE: Two slightly used 18-inch Volk Racing TE37 rims painted Monster Energy green with distinct DC Shoes logo on contrast painted spoke. Never been curbed! These are RARE and very special wheels! Only driven for 5 miles!!!!!!! May need new tires, about 3% tread left on Pirelli P-Zero. Will fit 2011 Ford Fiesta.

Buyer must pay shipping from France. Moving! MUST sell before 9/14.

Shoot me an offer, also down to barter.

Something tells me this is a joke, but if true, some gearhead skater boy might actually snap these up.

Not sure how they got so scruffy looking? You’d better visit here.

Ed note: It would seem that this scoop is no scoop at all and that perhaps your humble editor should spend more time reading and less time taking photos. The good folks at Jalopnik noticed this ad last week and began work on deciphering the code hidden within the ad. Then, the folks at team DC GYM3 verified that they were indeed behind the prank.

Oh yeah – one more thing. I won’t be spending less time at the track!

Ken Block answers questions about Gymkhana 1

block interview

Despite the rather stunned look in the photo, Ken Block is a pretty bright guy. By using up a stack of tires and having a few well placed cameras, he has created a series of videos in which every new episode goes viral. That is something that marketers around the world work very hard at and few are successful once, let alone every time. This must make his sponsors and DC shareholders very happy!

A few weeks ago, Block posted on his Facebook page asking fans to submit any questions they might have about his first Gymkhana video. Not surprisingly, the response was great and Ken has posted his answers in a short video.

After the break of course!
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Ken Block kicks it old school – sort of

We’re become pretty accustomed to DC Shoes boss Ken Block shredding up airports and shipping yards behind the wheel of his Subaru rally car these days. While Block does a masterful job of getting sideways in the awd Subie, can he handle an old school ride? In case you yunguns out there didn’t know, rally cars didn’t always have gigantic horsepower and power going to all 4 wheels.

In this video, Ken Block and Chris Atkinson visit the Tim O’Neal School and get in some practice time in a rwd 1978 Ford Escort! This isn’t just any Escort mind you, watch for the flappy paddle shifters! This is almost how they did it in the old days!