International Cars at the 2015 Greenwich Concours d’Elegance

Celebrating its 20th year, the 2015 Greenwich Concours d’Elegance once again set up circles of gorgeous cars and motorcycles in the Connecticut town’s Roger Sherman Baldwin Park. Held over two days – American cars on Saturday and International cars on Sunday – the family-friendly drew crowds keen on looking over the now-classic BMW, Ferrari, Maserati, Mercedes-Benz, Jaguar, and so many other marques. The Grand Marshal for 2015 was none other than James Glickenhaus, familiar to car people and Concours attendees as a frequent exhibitor of cars from his collection and as the owner of the singular Pininfarina-designed P4/5.

This year, severe thunderstorms threatened the Sunday show, and the parade of cars was moved up an hour in a bid to beat the rain. The rain won the race however and a downpour caused delays, but the majority of the stalwart New Englanders stuck it out and stayed for the eventual passing of the storm.

With a little bit of everything, over the two days the featured automobiles range from the year 1896 to present-day super cars. One wonderful aspect of the Greenwich Concours is the collection of curious and quirky cars that participate annually. There is always at least one Eastern Bloc automobile entered; previous years have included a Russian Volga, Lada, and even an East German Trabant. This year’s Cold War entry was just as fascinating – a 1985 Zil 41045. Part of the Kremlin fleet this plush, armored, and oh-so-80’s stretch limo was decked out with fancy carpeting, leather seats, sirens, and a car phone. Behold the Car of The Party. (h/t to Serge A. for that phrase.)







Several other cars of note include the 1964 Nissan Cedric, and – yes, this splendid Datsun 280Z is certainly Concours-worthy.



Ever hear of a Puma? It’s a Brazilian car, this one a 90 hp GTS Spider from 1980.


Every car on the lawn in Greenwich has a story, and Steve McQueen’s custom 450 hp 4×4 Dune Buggy “Baja Boot” led the parade of cars.



The People’s Choice Award was won by the 1954 MG TF Roadster owned by Keith & Brenda Murphy, and Best In Show was won by Andrew Benenson’s 1951 Cisitalia 202C Cabriolet.



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The 2014 Greenwich Concours d’Elegance: Part I

2014 Greenwich Concours d'Elegance

The 19th Greenwich Concours d’ Elegance: A Festival of Speed and Style was held over the weekend of May 31 – June 1 in Roger Sherman Baldwin Park by the Greenwich Harbor. The Connecticut Concours is just the right size – big enough for an incredible selection of cars, yet small enough so that every car on the field has a chance to parade by the stand at the end of the day. Concours organizers annually assemble a show of unique cars which can apply to show once every three years. Concours proceeds benefit AmeriCares programs.

Saturday is the Concours Americana where domestic antique automobiles share the lawn with 70’s muscle cars. It was a warm but cloudy day, but the passing rain ended just in time for the parade and awards, while the clouds hung around for dramatic photos. [Read more…]

New in The Garage: 1985 Porsche 944


I have finally done it. I have finally become a Porsche owner.

Muscle car prices have been on the rise for a couple of decades, because they are the cars the Boomers dreamed of in high school. Porsche 911 prices have shot up in recent years as rich guys my age who had that 911 Turbo posters on the wall, while other guys lusted after that Lambo door stop. Even though I grew up around a 901 and have always wanted a 911, it was the 944 that stole my heart back then. Today, my kid accompanied me on a short road trip to buy one.

There was something about the 944, with its body styling stolen from the German 924 Turbo race cars I had seen in the magazines that I fell in love with. The muscular stance was intoxicating. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a rabid front engine Porsche fanatic or anything, but to this day I have a soft spot for the car.


I wasn’t really on a hunt for a Porsche. I am just fed up with seeing so many of my American and West Coast auto journo friends having cool old cars that they can drive all year round if they so choose. I have been looking for a cheap old car from the south that I could bring home. My Wife and Daughter could drive it for a few months and then I could flip it for a profit. Say a nice old Beetle or something. We can drive nice old cars here from about April until October, so why not.
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NYC Classics dealer finds a use for your depleted stock holdings

With the economy fully in the dumper, more than a few are trying to figure out what to do with their stocks that are worth a fraction of what they were just a few months ago. Cooper Classic Cars has a great idea that is sure to appeal to more than a few enthusiastic investors. Trade your worthless stocks for a collectible classic car!

The idea is that Cooper will take your stocks off your hands at their pre crash value in return for an appreciating classic car in your garage. While even the collector car market may be a bit soft, cars are certainly holding their value better than many other investment opportunities. What a great way to put a smile on your face and stop losing money on your stocks! This should also help Cooper move some tin.

Full details from Cooper Classic Cars after the break
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New York Times puts 5 grand up for grabs for your collectible car photos

One of the side effects of blogging is my growing obsession with photography. Whether this is a positive or negative side effect is up for debate within the family, but I have managed to get a bunch of great car shots over the past 6 months.

Fellow Canadian car blogger Phillip Powell is a regular reader of the New York Times and he’s alerted the online world to the NYT’s new contest. They are offering up $5,000 for the best photo of a collector car as a way to get interest in their new Share & View photo gallery. Hmmm…the times is trying to get into the social networking world. That’s ok, it’s a cool opportunity to share some photos and maybe win 5 large! Submissions are open until October 25th.

Oh yes…The Garage will be submitting photos.