NYC Classics dealer finds a use for your depleted stock holdings

With the economy fully in the dumper, more than a few are trying to figure out what to do with their stocks that are worth a fraction of what they were just a few months ago. Cooper Classic Cars has a great idea that is sure to appeal to more than a few enthusiastic investors. Trade your worthless stocks for a collectible classic car!

The idea is that Cooper will take your stocks off your hands at their pre crash value in return for an appreciating classic car in your garage. While even the collector car market may be a bit soft, cars are certainly holding their value better than many other investment opportunities. What a great way to put a smile on your face and stop losing money on your stocks! This should also help Cooper move some tin.

Full details from Cooper Classic Cars after the break
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New York Times puts 5 grand up for grabs for your collectible car photos

One of the side effects of blogging is my growing obsession with photography. Whether this is a positive or negative side effect is up for debate within the family, but I have managed to get a bunch of great car shots over the past 6 months.

Fellow Canadian car blogger Phillip Powell is a regular reader of the New York Times and he’s alerted the online world to the NYT’s new contest. They are offering up $5,000 for the best photo of a collector car as a way to get interest in their new Share & View photo gallery. Hmmm…the times is trying to get into the social networking world. That’s ok, it’s a cool opportunity to share some photos and maybe win 5 large! Submissions are open until October 25th.

Oh yes…The Garage will be submitting photos.