PINKS visits Toronto Motorsports Park

I set out on a warm summer day to visit Cayuga Ontario, approximately 2 hours West of Toronto. This would be my first trip to Toronto Motosports Park and it was a very good one. The confusingly named facility owned and developed by former successful Canadian road-racer Uli Bieri. I had a meeting on some other promotional ideas and took my camera just to snap some shots for reference. It was Friday and to my great surprise this weekend was the inaugural visit to Canada of Rich Christenson’s PINKS elimination drag racing event.

After my meeting with Uli and my tour of his impressive multi-faceted racing complex I went out and spent a couple of hours mingling with the drag racing crowd. This being my fist time at a real drag strip, my head was spinning with the noise, colour and variety of vehicles collected for this event. I would highly recommend a trip to Toronto Motorsports Park in Cayuga Ontario Canada.

Here are a few sights and sounds from the day.
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Canadian Sport Compact Series draws to a close

Cody Loughead hitting his stride on the final lap of the Drift event at CSCS 2010 Season Grand Finale

For those of you who have been reading about Drifting on the pro level in Canada you need to see what the amateur level has waiting in the wings.

Drifting, as Gary has explained in his articles, is a mix of racing and judging and therefore is becomes somewhat subjective. The good thing is that the crowd does have a lot of influence on how the judges score. If the result is too close to call you will very often see the judges throw the cars back in the ring for another set of runs if the crowd begins the chant “One More Time!”
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