Gallery: 2010 Tall Pines Rally Stage A5, Iron Bridge

Getting to the Iron Bridge stage proved to be a bit of a challenge for the team from The Garage, as our route was blocked by another stage. A tip from Andrew Harvey sent us to an alternate spot where we could gain access to shoot the next couple of runs through the Iron Bridge stage.

As they did for the whole rally, the Rockstar Mitsubishi of Antoine L’Estage and Nathalie Richard was the first car through the stage. While they were bombing along at a fast pace, there was very little drama as L’Estage was driving super smoothly. Their primary competition, Pat Richard and Alan Ockwell were a whole different story.
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Pat Richard wins the 2008 Rocky Mountain Rally in new Subaru Impreza STI


There are few teams that can put together a race car and have a winner straight out of the box, but it looks like Pat Richard and Rocket Rally Racing would seem to have done just that. In fact, Richard beat out some pretty impressive competition, with the likes of Andrew Comrie-Picard, Antoine L’Estage, and Warren Currie in the field. The first gravel event of the season is known for throwing all sorts of stuff at competitors and 2008 was no different, with heavy rain and equally heavy mud.

Top Ten results after the break, along with a surprise video
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