CMHF Grand Opening


Yesterday was the Grand opening of the Canadian Motorsports Hall of Fame at it’s new home at Legendary Motorcar. Of course a drive across Southern Ontario on a Saturday afternoon wouldn’t be complete without some excitement on the road. Cruising along at about 130 kmh (about 80 mph) we were making good time, when we spotted a low slung red thing with a HUGE wing. Could it be a Ferrari F40? No way, it must be a kit car, nobody would drive one of these things on the 401. As we got closer, we could see that it indeed was a real F40. Traffic slowed for a while, so we got a good look & got to revel in the popping & banging from the pipes every time he lifted off the throttle. Then the traffic opened up & the sport bike beside him took off. The guy in the red beast wasn’t about to be outdone. at this point, we were doing about 150 kmh when he launched the car in pursuit of the bike. He left us like we were tied to a tree. On every shift, flames shot out of the tailpipes. Unfortunately, the camera was in the back of the wagon. Very cool Ferrari spotting. Would we classify this as street racing?

The CMHF is dedicated to preserving the history of all types of racing in Canada, including cars, bikes and even boats. We have a rich history of racing and some of the top racers the world has seen have been born in this country. Inside the Hall these days, [Read more…]