Big vs Little: A lesson from La Carrera

Sitting here at home with a heating pad on my chest instead of working, I’m finally having a chance to watch some of the content I’ve missed over the past weeks. Not only does Gary Faules contribute here in The Garage, but he also keeps tabs on the world of La Carrera (and other automotive fun) at his own blog. The following video from the 2008 running of La Carrera teaches a couple of lessons.

First off, I’ve heard lots of guys see pictures of the 50’s era cars and think they are just neat old cars with stripes and stickers. If you crank up your speakers really loud, you’ll understand quickly that Othon Garcia Silva’s Buick is a full on monster racing machine. Wow, does this thing sound wicked!

Next up, you’ll see a classic case of how a light weight, lower powered car can fend off a big horsepower competitor that also weighs far more. Marc Davis does an incredible job of keeping his Falcon ahead of the Buick in the twisty bits. When they reach the main straight at Autodromo De Queretaro though, the monster comes to life and takes what it wants!

The Chinese Riviera


Buick marketing maven Maria Rohrer stopped by the radio side to gush about the Riviera concept, one of the most striking at the show. 

An important concept on a few fronts. Buick said goodbye to the Riviera some 8 years ago. A one time mainstay of the fleet, it might be an opportune time to resurrect an iteration of he vehicle while Buick is riding on a somewhat high with the popularity of the Enclave. 
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The Great Divide

J.D. Power and Associates just came out with some interesting data. It appears that the line is drawn in the sand when it comes to import VS domestic purchases based on age.

From the information released in the fifth edition of the Avoider Study, the figurers shows that older buyers who purchase domestic vehicles are more likely to avoid purchasing certain models because they are imports…..

2008 Buick Enclave

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Video: Big Bad Buick at La Carrera Panamerica

Team CBR is going to provide us with some of the most incredible HD video of La Carrera, but it’s going to take some time before it is edited and produced. As I just can’t bear to wait any longer for video from La Carrera, I’ve been scouring Youtube looking for video and just came across these absolutely incredible clips of a big bad Buick in action. You MUST crank up the speakers and be prepared for some v8 scream!