Vancouver dash camera insanity

van cam

Most of the crazy dash camera videos we see come through the former Soviet Union, but that is not to say that drivers there are any worse than anywhere else. Roads in that part of the world are like the wild west and it sounds like the only way drivers stand a chance to protect themselves against thieves, liars and bad drivers is to catch the act on video.

Dash cameras are rapidly becoming more common in North America, especially in cities that are known for their bad drivers, like Vancouver. This compilation by YouTuber xSupD is clearly an ad for dash cam sales, but it does appear to all have been captured on the streets of Van City.

Keep your eyes open Vancouverites, because it would seem that many of your fellow drivers have theirs closed.

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PSA: make all the drivers in your family watch this

Normally we post the fun side of cars here in The Garage but as has been said, with the light comes the dark. The Premier of Victoria in Australia has released the following video compilation as a reminder for people to drive safe during the holidays. It is not a pleasant video and they are airing in just once. Fortunately, they have shared it with the world via Youtube so we can scare some sense into as many drivers as possible around the world. I urge you to share this with as many folks as you can.

City of Toronto gets funny with bad drivers


In an effort to curb bad drivers, the City of Toronto has enlisted the talents of Steve Fenton and his School of Bad Driving. Rather than the usual boring PSA type ads the City is known for, this is Revenge of The Nerds taking on Downtown Tdot. During filming yesterday, Mr. Fenton drove up a curb on Queen Street and knocked over a fake no parking sign.

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