PSA: make all the drivers in your family watch this

Normally we post the fun side of cars here in The Garage but as has been said, with the light comes the dark. The Premier of Victoria in Australia has released the following video compilation as a reminder for people to drive safe during the holidays. It is not a pleasant video and they are airing in just once. Fortunately, they have shared it with the world via Youtube so we can scare some sense into as many drivers as possible around the world. I urge you to share this with as many folks as you can.

Video: Kangaroo attemts to pass for the lead at Bathurst 1000

We’ve seen raccoons, deer, groundhogs and even gators on racetracks over the years here in North America. Down Under, they do things just a little bit different. They have errant kangaroos that occasionally head out onto the track. It’s amazing that this dude made it out alive when surrounded by a bunch of screaming Aussie touring cars. Forget bump drafting, just think of the carnage if these boys installed roo bars on their Holdens.