Armor All Wheel Protectant in action

I first mentioned Armor All’s new Wheel Protectant a couple of months ago, but wasn’t able to test it as all of our cars still had winter tires with steel wheels. Also, I don’t drive media cars long enough to actually get them dirty. The solution? A friend with a Volvo and a Saab in the garage. Nothing creates more brake dust than European cars!
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Armor All answers the prayers of Euro car owners with new Wheel Protectant

Regular readers may know that I am the community host at Armor All’s Owner Center. Or they might not. As these are two totally separate projects, it isn’t something I’ve mentioned here more than once or twice. Armor All’s most recent product launch is so fantastic that I have to make an exception and tell you about their new Wheel Protectant.

Over my years in the car industry I’ve seen many new car care products come and go. Many of them were revolutionary from a chemical standpoint, but while they cranked up the lab technicians, they often didn’t make all that big a difference to the end user. You & I still had to work just as hard to keep our ride clean.
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Hi my name is…


Gary and I’ll be your new host in the Armor All Owner Center.

Through my work here in The Garage, the good folks at Armor All tracked me down and asked if I would spend some time interacting with the denizens of their Owner Center. It struck me as a pretty cool idea and I agreed to spend some time there each week. Of course it won’t affect my time here in The Garage. On the contrary, it might actually help as I may be invited to even more fun events and have more cool stuff to share with our readers here. You never know, I might even have the opportunity to spend some time with Smoke along the way.

Feel free to head on over and join the Armor All Owner Center and tell us some of your car care stories!