Gallery: Hurry up and wait

To the uninitiated, auto racing is all about speed. While that is true, there is an awful lot that goes on behind the scenes before the cars ever hit the track. That is perhaps most evident in endurance events, where crew members often work around the clock before the green flag drops. Crew members prepare cars, load trailers and set up the pit and paddock before most drivers even arrive at the track. Once those pesky drivers show up, it’s not uncommon for them to head out on track and break something. Even worse, sometimes they stuff the car. All this means the crew might work as much as 48 hours straight before the final event of the weekend. Once the race starts, they actually get some time to rest. All their work is done until the driver comes in for fuel & tires, a driver change or maybe some major repairs.

Once the race is on, all they can do is wait:
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