Winter comes early to Toronto


The first winter storm, is always the worst. It doesn’t matter how much snow falls, the city always comes to a stop. Yesterday it rained all day until about about 10 pm, when it turned to ice. Early this morning, it turned to snow around 6 am, just in time for rush hour. As you can tell from the shot above, traffic was at a standstill. That’s probably a good thing, as it’s hard to crash when you’re parked! I made it from Whitby to Scarborough, a grand total of 28 kilometers in an hour and 40 minutes.
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Worst traffic ever

For all you folks in small town North America who think you have bad traffic. It just took me 2 hours to travel 48 kilometers. For our American friends, that is roughly 30 miles. This was on a highway that is 6 lanes wide both ways. Because it is raining!


What is the worst road in Ontario? It’s voting time!


Every city has them. The roads that you will go out of your way to avoid for fear of vanishing into a pot hole. Here in Ontario we’ve got more than our fair share of horrible roads and the CAA has a fun way to make those roads a little better.

The CAA is asking Ontario drivers to vote on Ontario’s worst roads. The up side to this is that the winners are the first roads to be attended to next year. In some cases though, the task is so huge that it’s an ongoing process.
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