Suzuki SX4 Plus on steroids

Like many small car enthusiasts, we have lamented the absence of a performance car since the demise of the Swift GT in 1994. Often confused with it’s 3 cylinder cousins over at GM, the 1300 cc, twin cam GT was considered by many enthusiasts to be the modern equivalent to the original Cooper S.

At the 2008 IMPA Test Days, Suzuki brought out a rather special version of their SX4. With the addition of a turbo and associated goodies to the little 5 door, this grocery getter has been turned into an All Wheel Drive terror. It makes the right noises and with 220 horsepower, it goes like stink.

Come on product planners, look at what your field guys are doing and get this thing into production! With today’s fuel prices, young enthusiasts will flock to a well priced, small awd turbo car they can call their own.

Suzuki SX4 at IMPA test days 2008 from Scott Simmons on Vimeo.


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