Sunday video: MOH Racing takes on Targa Tasmania

Our readers are no strangers to classic tarmac rallies, as we have covered Targa Newfoundland and Gary and the guys at Team CBR have taken us to La Carrera. The event that started it all (in modern times anyway) is the Targa Tasmania. Much like the Canadian and American events, TT now has classes for modern and classic cars.

The 2010 running of Targa Tasmania began last week and finishes up today. The good folks supporting MOH Racing contacted us earlier in the week, with an offer of some in car video. Who am I to say no to in car footage from an Evo IX rally car?

Shot during a early demonstration stage, Kim Illman actually attacked this poor sub-division a bit faster than he needed to given that it was a timed stage. Still, blasting through a residential area like that looks like a good bit of teen style hoonage!

keep an eye on MOH’s youtube channel as they will continue to post more video over the coming days.


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