Subaru Adds Impreza WRX Limited for 2010

When the then-new Impreza WRX debuted in 2008, Subie fans had a tough time accepting a slightly softer version of a car so many felt so passionate about. Quick to react, Subaru got the WRX back on track with a host of improvements for the 2009 model year.  2010 looks to be a quiet year for the WRX, with the only notable change being the addition of a Limited model.

Mechanically identical to the base and Premium WRX, the Limited adds HID headlights, Sirius satellite radio and leather seats. Pricing for the WRX Limited 4-door will be $28,495USD, and $28,995 for the 5-door. While some WRX diehards may consider these superfluous items, buyers want, and are willing to pay for them. I doubt it is accidental that a WRX Limited costs about the same as a similarly optioned VW GTI.


  1. Tom Williams says

    True George-I still see more “old” WRX’s on the road than new ones. But your comment motivated me to see what the sales actually were. Subaru groups all Imprezas together, but in 2009 a total of 46,611 Imprezas were sold in the US. To compare, I checked sales of the VW Jetta. Total sales in the US for 2009? 108,427.

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