Shelby gallery at Toronto Autoshow

As a kid, the thing I remember more than anything about going to the Toronto Autoshow was checking out all of the race cars that were inevitably on display. For more than a few years, cars of interest to a kid that is into racing have been sadly sparce. This year though, the Canadian International Autoshow has partnered with the Canadian Motorsport Hall of Fame to honor racing icon Carroll Shelby.

The display is a collection of cars that contributed to the Shelby legend. Some, like a Jaguar XK120 and an Allard are local examples of cars that Carroll Shelby raced himself in the Fifties & early Sixties. Others, are the actual machines that saw battle under the Shelby team banner, such as Bob Bondurant’s Shelby Daytona Coupe, the actual car that won the 1964 Le Mans 24 hour race. CSX2002, the first Cobra race car is included as are a pair of Ford GT40’s, arguably the pinnacle of Shelby’s racing program. One of those cars is significant to Canadian enthusiasts, the Comstock car was campaigned by a Canadian team and Canadian drivers. We’ll have more stories about this car in another post.

There is an entire room full of Mustangs, new and old that are either Shelby models or have been influenced by Shelby history.

If it is at all possible, get your kids down to the CIAS in Toronto this year. This collection of Shelby cars might just influence them for the rest of their lives!

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  1. Leighton Irwin says

    I raced against more than one Cobra, including George Eaton but never against Eppie in a Cobra. The GT40 was another story but I only saw him except when he lapped me.
    If you look closely at most pictures you will notice that the mirrors are usually of one type. The aluminium streamlined cased ‘Raydot’.
    Everybody used them from the lowliest Sprite to F1 cars!


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