Road Test: 2008 Ford Taurus X Limited part deux


For years I’ve said I would never own another minivan. I just can’t stand the styling and the thought of driving a glorified school bus. That said, I’ve always loved an SUV that is a real truck that can tow and go off road. This whole CUV thing is somewhere in the middle and I’m more than a bit confused. I just LOVE these trucklets that look the part and offer a ton of usability that suits our family. Obviously, I’m not your average consumer. Then again, I’ve never been accused of being normal!

Now that we’ve gotten that little bit of self indulgence out of the way, let’s get on with things on the inside of the 2008 Ford Taurus X.

The interior of the Taurus X has been treated with some fine looking surfaces. The mixture of dark grey plastics and well chosen chrome give a sporty look that is well augmented by the faux carbon fibre dash trim. The seats have nicely textured leather with perforated inserts that might have been stolen from some mid Nineties European sports sedan. That is a good thing, as the dark grey leather seats look great and are comfy to boot.

Speaking of seating, the layout of the Taurus X fit our crew just fine. With 6 passenger seating, rather than 7, it allowed for an extra friend or the Mother-in Law without going overboard. Middle row passengers are coddled with bun warmers and a large, useful center storage bin that does includes multiple cup holders.


The 3 hockey bag test is our own Canadian twist on the real world functionality of a family vehicle. The Taurus X passed with flying colours, swallowing all 3 bags with all seats in the upright position! This is a feat that even the gargantuan Chrysler Aspen couldn’t manage. With the 3rd row folded, the back is like a warehouse on wheels. A family of four could go camping for a week with ease, even with a couple of big beer coolers on the trip.



The kids love the DVD entertainment system. With two kids along for the ride, seat them in the back and fold down the middle seats and they feel like they are in their very own movie theater. The wireless headsets ensure that Mom & Dad can keep groovin’ to the tunes from the killer stereo with 6 cd changer and Sirius Satellite radio. With all this and an in dash navi system, it is a bit odd that they have chosen not to include an aux input for MP3 players. This will be rectified in later production when Sync becomes available.


The Taurus X was one of several vehicles we’ve tested lately with a power, remote tailgate. While I originally thought this was a cool option for lazy people. I’m coming to realize though that it can be a blessing when coming out of the arena with all those hockey bags, or leaving the mall laden with birthday gifts.




Overall, the Taurus X has reinforced our feeling that the folks at Ford are serious about building vehicles for today’s consumer. For our part, we (the whole family) were sad to see it go, as it fit our lifestyle perfectly. The biggest problem seems to be the fact that nobody know quite what the Taurus X is. The marketing folks have their work cut out for them, as the product teams have already done a great job!


  1. Joe Broswick says

    I’m an owner of a Taurus X. I bought it in Anchorage, AK and drove it from there to Southern Arizona. Yeah long trip. The car does great on the highway. Not to mention off the highway. Very smooth ride thru Canada. My average MPG was about 26. I was reading this article. There is a AUX input for MP3. Check the center glove box. It’s right above the AUX 12V power source. Hope you find it.

  2. says

    Hey Joe,

    Glad you are enjoying your X. Notice that this review was written back in Feb 08, so perhaps yours is a later production model.

    We will be reviewing a Flex in November. I can’t wait!

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