Red Cloud arrives at CN Tower 30 years later

When I heard that Garry Sowerby and Ken Langley were going to be celebrating the 30th anniversary of their drive around the world by doing a round the World tour of Toronto, I just knew The Garage had to be there. While I was able to make it to the starting point, the big celebration was going to happen on Friday while I was at Tall Pines. I asked friend of The Garage, John Walker, if he would do me the honors. Of course I mentioned there would be free beer, so he was all for it!

Here is John’s story:

Got a call form Gary Grant saying he was a way and needed someone to cover this historic Red clouds car…I said ok, but WTF is a Red Clouds car? He said it’s this Volvo 245 DL that has circumnavigated the globe in a record breaking 74 days-shattering the previous record of 102.
And they are Canadians based out of Nova Scotia. Garry Sowerby(Original drivers suit and navigator sunglasses) and Ken Langley; school mates and travelling companions. Is that the same car that was on the Guinness Book of World Records?? I asked . Yep it is! Gary responded.

Looking forward to seeing this living piece of Canadian automobilia I show up at the base of the CN Tower in Toronto on a beautiful November afternoon greeted by a fleet of 2011 Volvo S60’s; all decked out in their NAUGHTY decals in front of the Historic Round House and Steamwhistle Brewery.

At exactly 2:11pm 30 years after the 43,030 km journey the 1980 245DL came rolling up to cross the finish line marked by the stylish 2011 S60’s in formation. To the applause of friends,family and sponsors two good friends end their journey…A great photo opportunity and Press session at the brewery followed.

It hadn’t started in over 5 years and Sowerby was afraid the car might not be up for the task but to his surprise it fired right up on the first try.
“Through extreme weather conditions across horrible roads, this car still purrs like new even though it has over 460.000 kms on the original engine.”

For all the team and sponsors involved in the history making journey the story writes itself.

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