Rare Ferrari F40 destroyed on Toronto test drive


Updated: An industry insider who wishes to remain nameless informs us that the F40 was owned by the dealer and had been sold to a customer. Incredibly, the Dart was a new car that was owned by the same dealer and was being driven by a lot attendant!

Over the years, the lads at Jalopnik have supported a campaign called Save the Enzos, which comes to life every time some hapless rich guy wads up his Million dollar supercar. Today, perhaps we can switch that up a bit to include the iconic Ferrari F40.

Earlier today, a mechanic at Ferrari of Ontario was returning from a road test in an F40. As the mechanic made a left turn, the driver of a late model Dodge Dart ran the red light, clobbering the scarlet machine. The drivers of both vehicles were unhurt, but as you can see from the images, both vehicles sustained significant damage. The difference is that the damage to the Ferrari is likely worth more than the Dart owner earns in a couple of years.

The carnage after the fact was caught by Matthew Berenz.

In all, some 1,315 F40s were built between 1987-92. There are roughly ten examples of the car here in Ontario and there is no word yet whether this car belongs to a customer or to Remo Ferri, the owner of the dealership. Originally retailing for about $400,000 USD when they were new, some recent sales have topped $1 Million with reports of prices reaching as high as 1.6.

In case you have never seen an F40 in action, you have to check out this fantastic video from my buddies at /DRIVE, who arranged for Chris Harris to have a go not only at an F40, but and F50 to boot!


  1. Kevin says

    freaking moronic dart driver. you run a red light and HIT and nearly destroy a extremely rare and out of production Ferrari F40. you don't even deserve a drivers license. from now on you should have to ride a bus to work

  2. Brad says

    Kind of ironic that the transport in one of the images has "enclosed vehicle transportation" on the side of it.

  3. Paul says

    OMG, somewhere an insurance adjuster is having a vein in their forehead go pop. I expect the dart owner to get a massive increase in Insurance Premiums.

  4. Pat says

    Actually not a serious amount of damage. The nose of the F40 has radiator, spare tire and master brake parts. All the good stuff (engine, tranny, etc.) Is in the back. Unless the tub was broken a fairly simple though not inexpensive repair.

  5. Robert says

    It is for fact that Ferarri ran in to red light and hit Dart! Press should first check facts and then wrote articles!


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