Prius at 80 mph

Recently, in the Carnival of Wheels, somebody made a comment about the incredible number of Prius’ on the road. I replied that we don’t see them here in the Toronto area. While in Connecticut, I see what they were talking about. These things are everywhere. The funny thing is that while traveling at 80 mph, I was passed by at least 4 of them.

A hybrid at over 80 miles per hour! Why bother you MORONS!


  1. says

    They’re not driving a hybrid to save on gas, or to help save the world. They just want people to see them as environmentally conscious, and “hip”. Perception and reality are, of course, worlds apart.

  2. says

    Why Bother?

    Because in my SUV at 80 mph, I only get 18 mpg, at 80 mph I get 45 mpg, you Moron!

    It’s all about saving money, and not putting so much pollution in the air for all of us to breathe. One car purchase won’t save the world, but it did save my budget.

  3. Dave Bartok says

    Hi, My first impresion of this hybrid was sceptical at first but since buying one and driving it my mind is at ease the MPGs are as what Toyota said they would be and the comfort and quietness is there, Gets an A right now we shall see how dependable it will be down the road. New Hybid lover.

  4. DanNo says

    I borrowed my dad's Prius to drive between San Jose and Santa Barbara a couple of times. I was amazed at the acceleration of this thing, simply incredible. Then again, 200 lb*ft of torque is up there with my Porsche. Passing geezers holding up traffic is so easy, I start passing them at 60mph and I'm going 85+ by the time my back bumper clears their front end. Still got 50-51mpg for the trip, wow! It still faces exponential increase in drag with higher speeds, can't beat the laws of physics. Will get about 55-57mpg if I keep it at 65 the whole way, but that's no fun!

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