Porsche brings center lock wheels to the street

Few things captivate the imagination of a true gearhead more than watching a crew member zing off a center locking wheel nut during a pit stop. Just about every guy dreams of jumping the wall with one of those monster air guns and blasting his way through a tire change. This obsession goes way back to the early days of racing, when wheels were beaten on and off with a heavy mallet. Too cool.

With a long and storied racing history, Porsche obviously understands how cool this is and have developed the new RS Spyder rim for modern 911 Turbo models. Based on the same design as used on the RS Spyder race cars, these unique spoked wheels use a cartridge system to keep things locked in place.

These rims can be purchased for existing 911 Turbo models and will be available as an option beginning in January 2009.

See more images and read the Porsche press release after the break

Stuttgart . Dr. Ing. h.c. F. Porsche AG, Stuttgart, now offers new 19-inch RS Spyder wheels exclusively for the 911 Turbo models as an absolute highlight in the range of highly specialised, customised features available exclusively on new models (ex works). The most outstanding feature of these forged aluminium lightweight wheels with their seven U-shaped double spokes is the unique, newly developed central locking. Instead of the wheel nuts generally used in motorsport, these very special wheels come with wheel bolts fastening the new 19-inch RS Spyder wheels firmly and safely on the wheel bearing.

The innovative security mechanism on the wheel bearing is made up of a cartridge fitted in the wheel hub with spring-mounted security bolts. Standing out clearly and impressively, the bolts on the new central locking are eloxy-plated in titanium colour and thus differ clearly and distinctly from the silver-coloured paintwork on the 19-inch RS Spyder wheels.

The special design of the new wheels is derived from the wheels on Porsche’s RS Spyder racing car, the sports prototype from Weissach which only recently won all titles in the ALMS American Le Mans Series for the third time in a row.

A further outstanding achievement of the Porsche RS Spyder is that it won the 24 Hours of Le Mans in its class right from the start in its very first try and also brought home the winner’s title in the European Le Mans Series.

The new wheel will be available as an option on the 911 Turbo as of January 2009, selling at a base price in the Euro countries of Euro 2,950.-. The retail price of the 19-inch RS Spyder wheel in Germany including 19 per cent VAT is Euro 3,510.50.


  1. Crash Corrigan says

    Oh yeah, I can see that being very useful to the average 50 yr old Porsche driver who changes his wheels on a daily basis!

    To me it’s just another useless boasting right for owners. I thought that Porsche was above all that. Isn’t that sort of thing more for your “‘I’ve got a Ferrari, look at me drivers”?

    Still, I wonder if owners will pay extra for the guys at the local Jiffy Lube to dash out and do a quick wheel change for them when they go in for their monthly oil & lube :-)

  2. says

    It looks cool. Is it worth the money?? How useful will it be?

    If anyone remembers the early Testarossa had a single lug, and later went to 5 bolts.

  3. Gee-Bee says

    I sold my Dymag’s for my 08 997TT and this will be my next wheel

    Dymag’s are Carbon Fiber barrell’s with magnesium spokes ( 9), But you need a corgi machine to install the tires.

  4. Ward says

    All things old are new again. Like a push button to start the car after you have turned on the ignition key. Trendy crap. And centerlock wheels, Morgan has been offering them for 50 plus years. I have two sets for my 1998 +8. A set of wires and a set of alloy racing rims. Yeah their cool, but I dread having to see them an every crap box driven by a wanna-be driving an overweight underpowered sled as they rush to embrace another trend. Like white framed shades.


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