P & G Special full frontal

p & g front shot

Last week a nice fat envelope arrived in the mail. It seems that Dad was cleaning out the remnants of his past lives before moving to Florida and sent off the last of his racing stuff. Not really all of the stuff though, as I know the Alitalia Trophy is still floating around there somewhere. There were all sorts of photos, newspaper clippings and a few magazine articles about Bud and his racing. In other words, a treasure trove of cool. As I get around to it, I’ll get it all scanned an posted.

This shot is of the P & G Special, a sports racer built by Gord Green. You can read a bit more about it here. Unfortunately that post is without photos at the moment, as they were lost in our big oops a year ago & I can’t find them. Not to worry, I know they’ll turn up somewhere, some day! If you look closely at this photo, you’ll see the damage caused by the dune buggy I mentioned in that other article.


  1. Bud Tucker says

    Yeah, Bud & Shirley are Americans in training.

    We are just waiting for our visas to come through.

    Why anyone would be interested, I don’t know. We bought a deli/market in Cape Coral Florida.

    If anyone wants to see it just go on the internet.

    Support Cape Coral.com

    Click on dining
    Click on restaurants
    Click on Paradise Deli…And you’ll see it…Please drop by for lunch.

    Regards to all who should happen to read this.

    Bud Tucker.

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