Nissan Qashqai Spy Photo


World Car Fans have posted the latest picture of the new SUV that Nissan has been developing for the world market. Considered to be a baby sister to the Murano, it will likely be positioned against the BMW X3. European reports have this “world car” being powered by both gas and diesel engines. It will be interesting to see if we receive the diesel here in North America. They had better change the name before it lands on our shores though. Some people still can’t figure out how to pronounce Murano.


  1. Nelis says

    This would be such a pity to replace the well-received All Mode 4WD system with a bunch of CVT belts. The “unpronouncable” conveys the image of a street slicker, not as practical as the X-trial. Why would Nissan JP mess with such a well proven concept?

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