NASCAR – How to Deal with Racing Withdrawl.

Well here we are one week into the off season and I am already suffering from NWS (NASCAR Withdrawl Syndrome).  This is an affliction of racing proportions.  It makes you break into cold sweats every time a car races by you on the streets with a large V8 and a nice sounding exhaust note.  It makes the younger members of my household ask me every Sunday “Dad, what time is the race on today?”  I makes my wife say strange things like “We should make plans to go to a few races this year” and puts strange things like Curling on my television instead of the loud screaming sounds of race cars driving by.

NASCAR may have the longest season for all racing series as well as the shortest off season but because of the intensity of the racing we’ve had this year it also makes the off season seem to drag along.  All week I was looking for information about NASCAR and trying to satisfy my addiction with something, ANYTHING to put my mind on a racetrack.  I have even stored up about 6 hours of grass roots races to watch but those won’t last long.  NASCAR may have bought out CASCAR up here north of the border and granted they have brought more coverage and action to the sport with their name, but it still just is not the same.  The racing is action is good, don’t get me wrong, with names like J.R. Fitzpatrick and Andrew Ranger, along with Kerry Micks and D.J Kennington out there the aggression on track is palpable.  When the series runs in conjunction with the Nationwide series at Montreal (one of the races I have on my PVR) the talent just seems to shine that much more knowing that the TV coverage is going to showcase their talent if they can just get up front.

The Garage has dragged me out to one Rally race already and I have a feeling that there may be a few more before the NASCAR 2011 season starts back up at Daytona on Feb. 20.  The sounds are familiar and the smells are close, but Rally racing  just doesn’t make my goose bumps rise like NASCAR does.  Snow mobile racing is great but as a substitute for NASCAR it falls flat for me. (That said it’s still an awesome sight watching those precision tuned machines tearing up the ice and snow) Football?  If I wanted to watch football it would just take away TV time from racing during the regular season.  Hockey?  My friends here tell me that my Canadian citizenship is in jeopardy due to my lack of interest in what many believe is our true national sport, but that’s ok if I get to go south and watch racing instead.

Foreign racing has found it’s way to my computer screen as well as my TV set in off seasons past.  Formula 300 repeats, Aussie V8 races from Australia, Rallying from Europe and the African continent.  Soccer (you know … what the Europeans call football?) highlights and Figure Skating, downhill Skiing, Luge, anything to do with ice and snow seems to dominate my television.  I seriously need a vacation to someplace warm, like Florida, maybe even Daytona …….. but not until February when my world becomes complete again, when I hear the 3 most famous words in motorsport spoken aloud once again, and the roar f 43 engines coming to life make my blood boil and the goose bumps rise.  That’s what I crave to hear and long to see…..”GENTLEMEN….START YOUR ENGINES!”


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    Its funny how the long season along with my favorite driver not doing well have affected me. I could barely get the sentence, "Thank God this season is over…" out my mouth before I instinctively said, "How long 'til Daytona???" I wish speedweeks were more like they were in the 90's with test sessions the couple weeks before the official begining of practice. The pictures from the track with the gray cars with small numbers felt like poorly wrapped Christmas gifts getting ready to be opened!

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