Name that Mopar

If the curves behind the lovely lady don’t look familiar, you would not be unlike many of the journalists at the Detroit auto show over the past couple of days. The car is clearly not a traditional Chrysler, yet it is wearing Chrysler badging. There are no signs anywhere near it and no nameplate.Curiously, there are also no Chrysler people anywhere near it to answer the “What is it” question that seems to be asked constantly.

The answer of course is that it is a Lancia Delta.

The official answer from Chrysler’s PR peeps is that it is a Chrysler Lancia Delta Design Study.

OK then.

Yes, Chrysler is still struggling. Yes, they need new stuff in the booth to draw in some crowds. The 4 other Italian cars (we’ll discuss them in future posts) have not been rebadged nor have they been left without identification.

One thing is certain, if Chrysler wants North American consumers to warm to rebadged Fiat based models, they had better make a better attempt to inform people what they are looking at!

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Edit: oops – correct gallery added after the fact!

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