Mystery Buggy

We’re on a hunt for details folks. Robert Barg has provided this photo of a Hunter Buggy at the 1970 Sundown Grand Prix. Looking at the pit boxes, I’m assuming this is Mosport but I know nothing else of this rather odd looking machine.

Who can tell us more?

Editor’s note: Robert has done some more digging and found that the car was driven by Bill Heemsoth and Uwe Falkenburg and may have been Porsche powered. The pair finished 2nd at the Sundowner in 1970. Robert also recalls competing against the car in 69 when he was driving an MGB with Cam Champion. For more history on the Sundown Grand Prix, visit Canadian Racer.


  1. says

    I know nothing about the car or drivers but you just have to love the saftey standards of the day. Wooden barriers and a gas man fueling the car in the hot-pits clad in shorts and no shirt. If he caught fire his sideburns alone would burn for an hour.

  2. Colin King says

    I had Uwe Falkenburg as a student at drivers school in (I think) 1969. Consequently I got to drive the Hunter. It was about as much fun as a guy could have with his pants still on. It was very quick (I suspect Porsche powered) and handled beautifully.

  3. George TheCar says

    What was a Hunter Buggy? I know the Meyers Manx was the original. Where did Hunter fit in?

    In those simpler days as long as the donor VW was licensed you didn’t have to submit to any checks. Heck you didn’t even need a safety!


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