Muscle Car Drop Tops-The ‘Stang Stands Alone

Take a look at the Chevy Camaro convertible concept, as it may be some time until we all see one in person.

The Garage did report that the Camaro coupe is still on schedule, but Autoblog and other sources indicated that GM is delaying the release of the Camaro convertible at least a year. Hardly a shock, given the state of GM today. It is easy to assume Camaro diehards and collectors will buy the new cars, but for the Camaro to be a commercial success, Chevy needs the masses to come into the showroom. With the future of GM a giant question mark, that isn’t happening.

In a similar story, the Dodge Challenger looks like it will never be offered as a convertible. The car was not built with that intention anyways, with no cash at Chrysler, and soft Challenger sales as it is, why bother? Already a heavy car, the changes needed to make the Challenger a viable convertible would sap performance and handling. Yet I agree with Autoblog that they should build 20 convertibles anyways. That way I can see what they sell for on Barrett-Jackson in 20 years. 

Which leaves us with the Mustang. The auto blogs bitch and moan about all the different versions, the teaser shots of the upcoming model, but I say Bull. The modern Mustang is an imperfect car, don’t get me wrong. But in 2005, it was the right car, at the right time, and Ford made a success of it. The car has sold well. And once again, GM and Chrysler were caught off guard. It again took years to catch up. But this time, people care about fuel economy, and price. Give credit to Ford for capitalizing on that before the market for the “reward” cars for the middle class all but dried up.


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