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bud in merlyn

Next up in my recent collection of vintage racing goodies is this shot of Bud Tucker in the Merlyn sports racer. This car is currently being restored by Ted Humphreys and should see action one day soon.

I’m guessing this shot was taken at Harewood Acres, though if I’m wrong I’m sure someone will correct me. Does anyone know who the other cars are? I don’t believe the Camaro is Robert Barg, as in the full size photo the car appears to have a vinyl roof.

Note: The Camaro is Mo Carter, while #37 is Horst Kroll in the Kelly Porsche which was a knock off of the Lotus 23. The track is indeed Harewood Acres.
Thanks to Colin King and Leighton Irwin for these details.


  1. Leighton Irwin says

    Just a few add ons. Wayne was a LAC and built the successful Kelly Formula Vees. They were often jokingly referred to as the peoples’ car as a certain amount of the parts came from RCAF stores. Wayne was killed in an accident at Mosport when he went under the back of a CRCA ambulance attending to an earlier accident at Turn 1. This was in an F Ford during the fiercely competitve Bulova Series and was a prelim race to the F1 Gp of Canada. John Sullivan, a marshall was seriously injured and still limps to this day. He is remains very involved in the sport.
    Mo’s cars became the semi factory GM Camaros. I do not think he had much backing from GM at that time, but a big dealership.
    He passed away a few years ago, in Calgary I think.

  2. wilf caron says

    Peoples car indeed. I bought my first dedicated race car FV from Wayne in1965. He was stationed at Uplands, Ottawa, and I was stationed at Rockcliffe, Ottawa. Rockcliffe was the RCAF depot for accident reconstrucion and analysis before scrapping aircraft wrecks. I had the nod nod wink wink access to quality heim joints that were obtained with a couple of wrenches and a hacksaw before reaching Waynes tool box.

  3. Bud Tucker says

    Just a side note from Bud Tucker.

    I really did hate that Merlyn and to this day I will not ride in or own a green car. I swear were I ever to be killed in a car accident it wiil be in a green vehicle or I'll get hit by one.


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