Mitsubishi reveals Concept-cX at Frankfurt


Earlier this month, Mitsubishi showed some teaser sketches of the upcoming Concept-cX which got the blogosphere buzzing. That buzz seem warranted as more details and photos of the vehicle become available leading up to the Frankfurt Motor Show which kicks off on September 15.

With the angular front grille and headlights, there is no mistaking that the Concept-cX is the little brother of the newly released 2008 Lancer. Likewise, the functional horizontally split tailgate is borrowed from the popular 2007 Outlander. With 19 inch wheels and all wheel drive, the Concept-cX seems like it may have a bit of a split personality as it tries to combine sporty with utility. That’s a good thing.

Getting things under way, at least in concept form, is a clean 1.8 liter turbo diesel mated to Mitsubishi’s new twin clutch Sport Shift Transmission that will be found first in the Evo X. This package promises to deliver performance and fuel efficiency.

More details and photos from the Mitsubishi press release after the break

MITSUBISHI Concept-cX product features

– The MITSUBISHI Concept-cX is a compact car that creates a new SUV/sports hatchback crossover category; a crossover that stirs a sense of adventure to “cut a swathe” through the hustle and bustle of urban life. The design gives the exterior a purposeful and functional form using a dynamic wedge shape and large tires. The front visage combines the inverted-slant nose with trapezoidal grille that defines the new Mitsubishi Motors design identity and tailors this to the car’s crossover pedigree to project an appearance that is aggressive and powerful. The interior uses a modern and sporty design that engenders a sense of expectation about the car’s performance and melds this with a high level of comfort. By visually accenting the strength of the underlying frame structure and through the contrasting use of soft padding, the design creates an interior space that wraps its occupants in a protective and comfortable cocoon.


– The concept car uses a new high-output, high-efficiency 1.8-liter clean diesel engine, featuring a variable geometry (VG) turbocharger for optimum boost control and a diesel oxidation catalyst (DOC) with diesel particulate filter (DPF) in the exhaust system for compliance with Europe’s Euro 5 emission standards. The power unit is mated to Mitsubishi’s new Twin Clutch SST (Sport Shift Transmission) which delivers superior power transmission efficiency in a powertrain that realizes zippy performance with excellent fuel economy and low emissions.


– MITSUBISHI Concept-cX employs interior trim materials made from Mitsubishi’s own Green Plastic — made from plant-based resins — in a step to stop global warming and slow the depletion of oil reserves.
– In its packaging MITSUBISHI Concept-cX ‘s 4100 mm compact body makes for easy maneuverability around town and the high driving position improves visibility and brings the easy drivability expected of a SUV. Utility is enhanced with the split tailgate already well received on the Outlander for the way it facilitates loading and unloading of luggage. In the performance department, Concept-cX also uses Mitsubishi’s electronically-controlled 4WD system and large 225/45R19 tires to deliver outstanding handling performance and stability both on tarmac and off-road.

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