Michael Schumacher racing karts this weekend, IN LAS VEGAS!


The general public here in North America doesn’t really have a concept of how huge kart racing is in Europe, but they even the most motoring oblivious soccer mom knows the name Schumacher. She may not know why she knows it, but she does. Just Like the Andretti name, Schumacher is a household name.

What most North Americans also don’t realize is that just about every pro racer in Europe, whether they race Formula 1 or Porsche Supercup, began racing karts as a child. Many of them continue to race karts even though they earn their living in cars. Karts keep their skills sharp and are a heck of a lot of fun too.

This weekend in Las Vegas is the Superkarts USA Nationals (SKUSA) and the entry lists not only read like a who’s who of North American racing but also include some Formula 1 royalty. When I heard this morning that M. Schumacher was there I assumed it was for a media race, but nothing could be further from the truth. King Michael of Germany is racing him in the SuperPro class along with one of the princes of the sport, Nelson Piquet Jr. Also from F1 is Sebastian Buemi. The IRL is represented by Dan Wheldon and Buddy Rice. In other words, the depth of talent here is very deep as are the photo ops for fans.

Unlike the Formula 1 paddock, there is a very good chance that spectators can get up close and personal with these racing superstars. Perhaps even better is the opportunity to see the young stars of motorsport who are the champions of the not too distant future. Of course we’re keeping our eyes on Canadian talents like Mike Vincec, Daniel Morad and Michael Valiente.

If you happen to be in Vegas this weekend, this is your best chance to see some of the most exciting racing you will ever lay eyes on, not to mention the star factor.

We are very lucky to have photos from Tony Leone from Speed Six Photos who is manning the timing tent this weekend. Unfortunately for you Schumi fans, Schumacher M. broke in qualifying yesterday. At least he ended up in front of the timing tent! Tomorrow we should have more photos of today’s action.

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Also, full entry lists and live scoring can be found at EKN


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