Lucky relaxes with a Shelby racing legend

“That is one hell of a great sounding and handling car.” Bob Bondurant

Gary and Will Faules had a rest stop yesterday in Phoenix on the way down to Mexico. Following a casino brunch and a bit of good luck (how appropriate) their luck improved even more, with a call from Bob Bondurant’s office. Next thing you know, Lucky was out of the trailer and Gary was being led around Firebird International Raceway by non other than the legendary Shelby racer himself. Gary tells the whole story over at Lucky’s build blog.

Gary, on the return trip, why not put Bob in the car and then compare lap times?


  1. Gary Faules says

    You have no idea how bad Bob wanted to get behind the wheel. LOL. What a great time we had that day and what a great time we are having. Racing cars is always exciting but there are some races that stand out to us drivers more than others. This race is definately one of them and we are still 6 days from the starting line. Spending quality time with my son is always a win/win let alone this drive across country and the building excitement as we near Oaxaca for the start of what we came here to do.

  2. says

    Oh yeah…I keep forgetting that you’ve never driven in a rally before.

    I think the toughest thing for a new rally driver to do is crest. Co-driver says “flat over crest”, driver instinctively lifts due to the fear of the unknown.

    It is scary as hell and likely will be the biggest rush you’ve ever felt!!!!

  3. Gary Faules says

    I am looking forward to “flat over crest” and if you had ever seen us run Thunderhill backwards the way we get to on occassion you would know just how much we love it.

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