Lock your doors & hide the kids: Godzilla is loose on the streets of Toronto


Canadian print media guy and friend of The Garage, Laurance Yap had a pretty special opportunity last night. He got to take Godzilla for a tour of downtown Toronto, the lucky bastard!!! For those of you who don’t understand the monster movie reference, the current Godzilla is the new Nissan GT-R. The biggest, baddest machine to hit our shores in, well, ever!

More pics after the break

While Laurance and his appointed handler were out cruising, they got to spend some time with owners of previous gen GT-R models.

What did LY think? You’ll just have to wait till Saturday and pick up the Toronto Star. For those of you who aren’t in TO, you’ll just have to visit Wheels.ca to get the man’s impressions. Also, don’t forget to check out Sharp Magazine when it hits the news stands in April.




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