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In response to my post asking where the pocket rockets have gone, Boston Listed a handful of cars currently for sale that fit the bill of Pocket Rocket. What struck me as odd was the prices he qouted for these cars, so I thought it might be fitting to do some cross border shopping. Often, vehicle pricing varies greatly from North of the border to South of the border. What may be an affordable car in the United States may not be such a great deal up here in The Great White North.

Pocket Rocket North South Price Comparo

Cooper S USA $21,900

Canada $30,600

RSX USA $20,325

Canada $27,100

WRX USA $24,495

Canada $35,495

Civic Si USA $20,290

Canada $26,080

Just for fun, as we have a couple of Elise owners as regular readers, I thought I’d throw out the numbers for it as well.

Elise USA $42,990

Canada $58,550

Now that we see the full break down, you can see that some cars that are a great deal down south are not so cheap up here. The Elise, while still a great car for the money, is $15,500 more in Canada than it is in the States! Given current currency exchange rates, where the Canadian dollar is about 92 cents on the US dollar, that certainly doesn’t account for the giant price increase.

There is no question that there are some great little cars running around out there. The Garage definition of a Pocket Rocket includes the word VALUE. Perhaps I’ll change my previous comments a bit to say that there are no real budget concious pocket rockets available in Canada, rather than in North America.


  1. Paul says

    I get an exchange rate of 0.89 US$= 1 CDN$. That accounts for about a third of the price difference. Are VAT taxes included in prices in Canada, because sales tax is not in US cars, and is typically 5-6%. I suspect that is the remanider of the difference.

    The market is too efficient at arbitrage to allow such a difference as your figures suggest to stand.

  2. says

    paul, you are correct on the exchange rate, which is actually the best it’s been in 30 years! our sales tax is not included in the price either, nor is freight/pdi charges. the manufacturers claim that the differences are in import tarriffs etc. so much for north american free trade!!

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