Let the drag wars begin: Cobra Jet Mustang joins the fray

First up to the line: Dodge Challenger

Pulling up along side: Ford Mustang Cobra Jet

Is that really the way it goes? Well, to be truthful, no. Ford has been hard at work building a variety of race ready Mustangs for a couple of years now. Want to go to Le Mans? No problem. SCCA World Challenge? Ford’s got you covered. Miller Challenge? Well duh…the series was built around the Mustang. No matter what type of motorsports you want to enter, Ford had a Mustang for you. Race ready, straight out of the showroom. Except for the drag strip. That has all changed.

Let’s face it, Ford has a pretty strong drag racing background and those SVT guys weren’t just going to sit back and watch the Mopar guys chew up local drag strips across North America without giving them a run for their money.

Way back in ’68 the first Cobra Jet was built, releasing 50 lightweight machines on the drag community. The cars won the first time out and kept on winning. This new car is available through any Ford store, over the parts counter of all places. That’s right, you are not buying a new car, rather a very fast collection of parts!

After the break, check out the incredible stats of the new car. There is no mistaking the Mustang FR500CJ for anything but a drag racing machine.

The Legend Continues

In 1968, Ford took the NHRA Winternationals by storm with the Cobra Jet Mustang. Only 50 factory lightweights were built, and in its first appearance, the Cobra Jet won. Forty years after this historic event, Ford Racing is happy to announce that the legend continues with a new NHRA-legal race car – the 2008 Cobra Jet Mustang!

The 2008 Ford Racing Cobra Jet (FR500CJ) is a factory-built race car (serialized but no VIN), ready for the drag strip with only minor additional prep required. It is available for order from any Ford dealer as a Ford Racing part. Following are key Ford Racing components to help define this exciting new race car:


* 5.4 Cobra Jet engine
* Cobra Jet cold air kit
* Throttle body
* A/C deleted
* Crankshaft damper
* Cobra Jet bell housing
* 6-speed manual or 3-speed automatic transmission with SFI bell housing
* Stainless steel long-tube racing headers
* 9″ rear axle assembly
* One piece driveshaft drive shaft
* Single hoop drive shaft loop
* Cobra Jet rear control arms and anti-roll bar
* Ford Racing adjustable dampers
* Drag race spring kit
* Cobra Jet wheels — 15″ x 4″ (front), 15″ x 10″ (rear)


* Painted Cobra Jet body in white
* Cobra Jet hood scoop
* Cobra Jet Lexan backlight
* Flush quarter window louvers


* 5″ pedestal tachometer
* SVT Mustang short-throw shifter with black shift knob and handle
* Cobra Jet seat package

Visit www.fordracingparts.com for more information.


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