Laser 917 Kit Car Rebirth


Over in the Zentastic Garage, Shannon Larratt has dug out one of his old projects, a Laser 917 kit car. After years of sitting in a corner somewhere, the Porsche 917 replica is set to have a complete reworking. Updated headlights and a more streamlined windshield will be just the beginning from the sounds of things. For now, the car has been brought home for the initial clean up. Currently without a powerplant, Mr. Larratt is looking for a reasonably price (can you say free?) beetle engine to drop in, just to get the car moving. Regular readers may remember Shannon, he’s the guy with the camoflage painted Porsche 911. I’m sure we can expect the same type of cool when the Laser is finished.


  1. paul kapsalis says

    re laser 917
    looking for door window for laser 917 i will make a mold and copies for both right and left side paul 778 329 5933
    if any one can part with their windows for 2 weeks
    then duplicates can be made thanks

  2. Damen Stoll says

    I have one 2007 engine. comes with the body, doors, windows all around and the front lense covers. Located in Shreveport, La. all that needs to be done is interior, front end wire harness, paint, and hook up of gas and break. brand new custom 10 gal alum gas tank. New disc breaks all around. doner chassis was a 69 Karmann Ghia. so better stability. 318-658-3820. .call or email for price and pics. feel free to stop by and see the car in person.

  3. Jerry Kelley says

    Have a 917 body kit with two corvair engines and multiple parts and pieces. Also have a complete 1960 avenger. Location southern Michigan. Father just died and need to sell to help pay medical bills please email me

  4. PAULIE says

    Know of a 1976 Porsche 917 Replicar for sale……….runs good, 1600vw enginge, 7268 mileage

    If interest, can send pics……….


  5. Paulie says

    Howdy Pat,

    My friend that owns the 1976 Porsche 917 replicar/kit that Gary was so kind in posting the images and article, is motivated to sell it, so if you're interested give me a holler using my email address and make an offer………I'll pass it on, ok ?

  6. Andrew Vold says

    I have a 917 that my father built and left to me after he died. I finely have it up and running after several repairs. Now I need to put a new gas tank into it. Does anyone know how to do that? Please respond with any suggestions I have know idea.

    • Wesley says

      get a tape an find out how big the tank is top to bottom and side to side . if it is not a custom tank you can find maybe another tank that will fit in junk yard or have 1 made at welding shop. i got a cool 12 gallon tank from an old generator that i put in a mud buggy long time back works great. Or you can go online an buy a plastic tank like for a stock car from a web site called Jegs or JC Whitney hope it helps

  7. Kevin says

    I have an Elite 917 on a 68 VW pan, front end damage, has Corvair plant with hi-rise manifold and 4 bbl. , just sitting for last 13 years.

    Located in Midland, Texas

    1st $2K, gets it.

  8. says

    i own an A body but i dont know what number it is…the i d plate was missing…does anyone know how to find the number without the i d plate? has a modified 140hp corvair engine. myspace/nd4spd917.. check out my pics and leave me a comment if you want.

  9. Jack Faust says

    I just traded for a 917 on a 74 ghia. I need a drivers side window and headlite cover.
    Anybody got anything?

  10. shawn says

    I have a 1972 A body that i drive every chance i get. has monza spyder motor..not sure what # …does anyone know how to tell what number it is without the elite ID tag? e mail me for pics if you want…i took 17 pics yesterday…lol

    • Wesley says

      just wondering if you have sold you 917. if not i would like to see some pics. if you sold it sorry to bother you.

  11. Jay says

    I am looking for a 917. My dad worked with Gerry Knapp on them and had to sell ours when I was a little kid and have always wanted to get one that he and I can enjoy and pass on to my boys.
    If you know of any for sale please let me know.

  12. Charles says

    I have a Laser 917 for sale in Philadelphia, PA.. Model B # 327. For more info call Charles @ 215-668-1014 aftter 3pm. asking $2500 or B/O

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