Ken Block to test Formula 1 car!

Monster World Rally Team press release

JUNE 13, 2011, New York, New York – With an already busy mid-season schedule, Monster World Rally Team’s Ken Block has just added one more thing to his summertime to-do list: test in a Formula One car. The announcement was made with Block’s tire sponsor, Pirelli, prior to the start of the seventh stop of the 2011 Formula One calendar, the Grand Prix of Canada in Montreal. Slated to take place on August 5th in Monza, Italy, Block will find himself behind the wheel of Pirelli’s F1 test car as he works his way through a series of tires that Pirelli manufacturers for Formula One.

“Obviously I’m stoked about having this opportunity presented to me by Pirelli,” said Block. “Getting to go and test in a Formula One car isn’t something I ever imagined I’d have the chance to do, so when they contacted me with the offer to come over to Italy and drive their test car I didn’t even hesitate to say yes!”

Upon his arrival to Monza in August, Block will work with Pirelli test driver Lucas di Grassi to get up to speed with the intricacies of Pirelli’s open-wheel racer. Pairing with the experienced di Grassi will be important for Block, as getting behind the wheel of Pirelli’s 2009-season car will be his first time piloting an open-wheel racer.

“I’ve never actually driven an open-wheel car,” said Block. “I’m used to racing on loose surfaces and sliding on tarmac with all-wheel drive, so going and testing a Formula One car is going to be an all-new experience for me. There’s so much grip and so many g-forces at work when you’re driving that it’s really difficult to put down fast times. Because of all that, I’m setting my personal expectations really low for this test and I’m just going to try and have fun. My main goal for the test is to keep it out of the kitty litter. And maybe hoon it a bit if I can find the right window of opportunity.”

The next competitive event for Block prior to his Formula One test will be X Games 17 in Los Angeles, California, July 28-31. Until then, follow the team at, and


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