Keeping it Fresh: 2010 Mazda CX-9


It’s a given that crossovers are replacing SUV’s as the preferred mode of family transportation. In this hotly contested market, Mazda stands out with their popular CX crossovers, blending swoopy styling with an unexpected measure of driving pleasure. The CX-9, which came out in 2007 has received a mild makeover for its fourth year of production. 

The most striking change is the nose, taking on Mazda’s new “family face”; in other words, a huge, gaping grin like the new 3 features. Other changes include redesigned 18″ and 20″ wheels, larger mirrors and a new tail light treatment.


Mazda improved the interior as well. Depending on which CX-9 model you choose, there is more chrome trim, and more of the piano black trim that is becoming increasingly popular. Seating surfaces are of higher quality than before. The rear climate control system has been enhanced. The CX-9 has a reputation for being a nice place to be in and the 2010 model only reinforces that notion. 

Since performance and handling of the CX-9 are class-leading, it is not surprising that the 2010 CX-9′s mechanicals have been left alone. While the wide grin greeting oncoming vehicles may take some getting used to, the CX-9 remains the enthusiasts’ choice for a three row crossover that most middle-class families can afford.


  1. says

    Mazda has gone all wrong with the recent front end changes.

    Don’t like the new 3, the Miata looks like its buck-toothed and now they ruined the CX9.

    Looks like a Mini-van.


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