It’s Alive!


For the last 6 months or so, west coast contributor to The Garage, Gary Faules has been hard at work preparing his GT-350R clone, Lucky, for the 2007 running of La Carrera Panamerica. Earlier this week, Lucky breathed in some fresh air and fuel and burst to life with a roar and a belch of fire. Team California’s Best was kind enough to catch this on video to share with the world.

Here in the east, I too have been hard at work on a project related to The Garage. While this project is still somewhat secret, today was an important milestone and has been quite stressful. A few moments ago, an employee asked what was going on as I had a huge grin on my face. I told her that Lucky was alive and had just brightened the rest of my day!

Now, let your day be brightened by the sounds of a 503 hp Ford 289.


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    Gary is correct, the rules for the upcoming race in Mexico dictates that since my car weighs less than 2000 pounds I can only use a 500 CFM carb. The cars in my class (Historica C) are some of the fastest cars to compete. There are of course the Turismo Mayer which typically have Winston Cup engines and very trick suspension and can do in excess of 190 miles per hour. The Historic C cars were so fast at one time that they had to change the rules thus we could only use two barrel 500 CFM carbs. But don’t let that carb fuel you. (pun intended) since it was built by the same man that builds the restrictor carbs used for all the NASCAR NEXTEL CUP cars. My dyno guy can’t wait until we get back from Mexico to install a four barrel and run it on the dyno again.

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