In The Garage: 2009 Mazda CX-9


Finally the days are getting longer as the first day of Spring approaches and I actually have some time to grab a couple of shots of the tester of the week after work! Even though there is still a bit of snow on the ground, that extra little bit of sun just hints at warmer days to come.

This week we’ve got Mazda’s people mover, the CX-9. First impressions? Well, it drives much smaller than it really is. Yes, it seats 7 but this is no monster SUV or minivan it feels like a much smaller CUV on the road. Somehow, Mazda’s interior designers seem to always have a knack for putting control exactly where one expects them to be. You’d almost think they’ve studied this ergonomics stuff! I’ve only had one passenger so far, an industry guy who thought that the dash layout was smart and the many storage options make sense. He also commented that the leather seats look and feel far richer than the brand he works with.

Outside, the CX-9 looks great. Once again, this is not your Momma’s family mover, in fact one might even say the 9 is sexy. Our tester is wearing a magnificent coat of deep metallic green. So green that even I can see it with my rather annoying colour blindness. There is just enough chrome to brighten things up a bit without looking too bling and the 20 inch alloys look pretty hip too.

Now that we can spend a few minutes with the camera after work, you can expect some daily tidbits as we roll through life with our weekly testers.


  1. Tom Williams says

    I always default to the Mazda CUV’s when people ask for my advice. Someone who wanted a pre-owned Lexus RX330 was talking to me, and I begged her to check out a new CX-9 before making a final decision. Same goes to minivans-I’m happy to recommend the 5. It’s one of very few cars that posted an increases in sales from last year. Kudos Mazda.

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