In car video of Lucky the GT350R attacking Mil Cumbres

The La Carrera Panamericana open road rally is a throwback to an earlier time. With real cars running on real roads, the La Carrera route follows pretty much the same path that crews took back in the Fifties. Over the years, La Carrera has also gained a reputation for being one of the most challenging events on the annual calendar. The term challenging is often politely interchanged for the word dangerous. The most challenging of all the La Carrera stages is considered to be the Mil Cumbres stage, where many cars have been lost. Lives too.

Regular contributer here in The Garage, Gary Faules, took on La Carrera in 2007 and took the win on the Mil Cumbres stage. Now that the documentary movie about Gary’s trip to LCP has been released, he is free to share the in car footage they shot during the race. The first video we’re going to share is that historic run up Mil Cumbres with it’s roadside cliffs and even a burro taking in the spectacle.

Following the 2007 running of the La Carrera, the decision was made to remove the stage from the event. The video after the break may well be the last competitive event held on the road.

Video is shot in HD, so be sure to watch in full screen mode. The run may sound a bit quiet, as the mics were actually helmet mounted. Don’t kid yourself though, these guys are flying!

If you think this was good, you’ve got to get the documentary, which you can order here.

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