Impressions of Lime Rock Park


Lime Rock Park is one of the grand old ladies of North American motorsports, having made it’s mark during the golden era of sports car racing in the Fifties and Sixties. In fact, it is one of the few remaining tracks from the early days, with places Like Watkins Glen and Mosport carrying the flag for road racing in a natural setting. What a setting it is indeed!

Nestled in a valley in the Berkshire mountains, Lime Rock is surrounded by some stunning scenery which makes for a couple of incredible natural grandstands where spectators can see as much as 3 turns at a time. The track is also relatively short (when compared to a place like Mosport) and the LMP cars were lapping in the 50 second range, which means there is always something going on in front of the fans. I almost cringe to say it, but Lime Rock offers better spectating opportunities than my home track, Mosport.

Lime Rock underwent a complete repave over the past few weeks, including the addition of some extra corners at the optional uphill area. They have incorporated the latest in curb design and it looks like they’ve done a great job. Spectators are able to get incredibly close to the track just about everywhere. This is by design, as track staff tell me that Skip Barber doesn’t want the old school flavour of the track to disappear. A photo pass isn’t a big deal at Lime Rock like some of the other big tracks where modern NASCAR style fencing has been installed.

The facilities at the track include a clubhouse and restaurant. The Driving Impressions store includes track and team memorabilia, along with race supplies for racers in need. There are books, die cast models and even slot car sets and cars. Of course I brought home a Scalextric set for the boys.

Perhaps the only downfall of a day at Lime Rock is also resultant from the natural setting. There is only one way in, and one way out. This means that leaving the track could take hours if you don’t plan things right. Plan to stay late, enjoy a bite and then take your time leaving.

Overall, the place has left a great impression and we plan to go back for another event next summer.

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    I remember being there back in 1999 (?I think) for the Skip Barber driving school. While we didn’t get on the track we did see pretty much all of it and it is a great setting.

    Next sunday we are checking out the Rolex series down at Barber in Birmingham …. we’ll see how that compares!

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