IMPA Test Days: Road trip diary


The first part of the trip to the Pocono mountains has gone smoothly and we’ve made it from Ontario to Watertown New York. We actually confused the border guard when we said we were heading to the Poconos to road test cars. He tried to figure out if we might need a work visa, but his co-workers more or less told him to settle down. “The guy is going to drive some cars, go home and write about them. He’ll get paid at home in Canada.” Nice call Mr. Border Man!

We’ve been warned in the past couple of weeks that we’ll see lots of deer and we should be careful. I figured we wouldn’t see deer till further south, but we saw a doe and her calf about halfway between the border and Watertown. They were well off the road, but still close enough to act as a reminder than we’ll need to keep our eyes open tomorrow.

On the hotel review side of things, we’re at the Days Inn in Watertown, New York. Typical small town USA. a cluster of major chain travel hotels next to the highway and the Days Inn is a somewhat tired clone hotel. The pool is small, but it’s salt water and just right for our quick visit. Another positive is that there is a Denny’s attached to the hotel and they deliver. Beer and wine are a block away, so we are all set for the evening.


Next up: We get up at 6 tomorrow morning in order to reach Split Rock for registration at 10:30. We’ll have to keep an eye out for those deer in the early morning hours.


Update: The food from Denny’s sucked and I’ve been trying to upload images for this post for the last hour and the wireless network won’t allow me. Suckage factor is high right now. That said, the brew from High Falls Brewing Co in Rochester is just about right.




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