Hurricane Sandy, Killer of Cars

When Hurricane Sandy blew into the east coast of the United States, nobody in New Jersey or New York coastal regions quite expected the ensuing storm surge and wreckage. The Jersey shore, the coast of Long Island, barrier islands, Staten Island and Manhattan were battered and flooded; lives were lost both here and in the Caribbean. Electricity is still in the process of being restored in some places but areas such as the Rockaways, Staten Island and downtown Manhattan are still working doggedly to clear out the absolute devastation. Thousands have been left homeless as the days get colder with the impending winter months. The region is experiencing the goodwill of tens of thousands of people and organizations donating food, water, cleaning supplies and themselves to help the restoration effort.
Without ignoring the very real human tragedy, The Garage Blog is about the cult of the automobile. As can be expected, cars of all kinds were included in the wreckage; necessary daily drivers, vans, police cars, FDNY trucks, luxury vehicles, and classics. Mother Nature is an equal opportunity destroyer and there were some heartbreakers. Sitting on a bus to the Rockaways in Howard Beach traffic the weekend after the storm hit, I saw no less than three flooded late 60’s Mustangs, what looked like a ‘40 Studebaker from behind, a ‘72 Stingray, and on an on. So, without further ado, on to the carnage. <– Yes, I did.
Locations: Astoria, Queens (downed trees, gas lines), East Side Manhattan , and the Rockaways.



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    The worst part is yet to come, as many of the vehicles you see are being bought, shipped to other parts of the USA, cheaply repaired, and then being sold without a disclosure. CarFax and AccuCheck are often too slow to keep up with all of these vehicles, and used car buyers are easily tricked.

    If you're buying a late-model used car in the next year or so, watch out. It could be a wreck from Sandy.

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    It seems that flooded cars are already appearing for sale. I was talking to my parents in Texas, and the used car lots there, at least for the time being, are emptying out, with the cars being sent up here to be sold to people who lost/junked their cars. Irony!

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    The damage done by this storm is so devastating. I live in Miami, FL so I have to prepare for hurricanes every year but even I couldn't foresee the damage sandy would cause. In regards to the damaged cars popping up for sale, it's a shame that people are going to take advantage of others and sell them their damaged cars. I wish there was a way to get the word out that carfax isn't always accurate and sometimes you should research a little more. I think the selling/buying of these cars will become a big national news story once it happens to more people.

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    The "properly repair" a flood damaged vehicle means replacing ALL electrics. That in itself means the vehicle is worthless due to the cost. There is also the reality that mold and mildew attack every bit of soft trim, as there is no way for them to dry properly while still installed in the vehicle.

    Then of course there is the other ugly reality that the sewer system backs up, allowing…umm…floaters, to cruise down the street. Nothing like fecal matter to make a car desirable!

  5. Derek says

    Not just an issue in the US either, I nearly pushed the button on a 2005 Dodge Viper here in Dubai last year…. a last minute car fax check revealed it was written off in the US with extensive flood and accident damage, sold at a salvage auction then shipped here and repaired on the (very) cheap.

    Downright dangerous for a 180MPH car, I walked away!

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    Flood damaged vehicles from the US is something that people in Canada need to be weary about. Since we are in close proximity to New York State there have been many vehicles that have been shipped here for quick sale. The same thing happened after Katrina and people that are in the market for a used car need to be on high alert.

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