HUMMER is officially Terminated

The HUMMER brand came to life when Arnold “Terminator” Schwarzenegger convinced the military arm of GM to convert a battle truck into a daily driver for him. The brand became an icon with guys all over North America. A symbol of everything guy. You too can be tough like Arnold, or at least your ride can be.

Then, as the greenies began to take over the world and the world economy went for a massive dive, HUMMER became an icon of excess. HUMMER owners were shunned by their neighbors. Other drivers made rude hand gestures in passing. As the US and Ontario governments took over ownership of General Motors, the HUMMER brand went up for sale.

After a year of back and forth negotiations, General Motors announced this afternoon that the sale of HUMMER to Sichuan Tengzhong Heavy Industrial Machines can not be completed. This means that GM will begin an “orderly wind-down of the HUMMER operations.”

Like Pontiac, HUMMER warranties will continue to be honored through the GM dealer network and parts will continue to be supplied.

While the greenies will likely be feeling rather smug following this news, there are thousands of families who will be impacted as Mom and or Dad have just lost their job.


  1. says

    The main problem with Hummer was that it was based on a HumVee, which was a poorly thought out military vehicle. HumVees should compete with the likes of Land Rover, Toyota, Nissan etc for the world’s military market, and yet those operate with fuel-efficient 4 cylinder turbo diesel engines. They’re also lighter, more agile, and more reliable. Even the U.S.A’s own military elite didn’t want the HumVee (The U.S. Special Forces actually chose British Land Rover Defenders instead).

    Then GM took over and tried to sell us a Chevy pickup disguised as a quasi-HumVee, the H2. Horrible off-road and drank fuel like it was going out of fashion. That didn’t exactly work then, so what did they do? They built a smaller one, the H3, but that was still a pig on fuel!!!

    The HumVee should have stayed strictly a military vehicle and they should have purchased a smaller and more reliable turbo diesel power plant for it, and the H2 and H3 should simply never have happened.

    I feel sorry for the employees who will lose their jobs because of this but this has been on the cards for a long time now.

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